Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Mid-Atlantic Midsummer's Night's Sights

Two images of does browsing on shrubs at the edge of high grass that I captured last evening on a walk through my favorite local natural area. The area's deer population is far above carrying capacity, so I see deer inordinately frequently.

This is an image of a fallen limb at the edge of a wetland at the natural area. I like this reflected image and have intended to photograph it for several weeks. Unfortunately, the image would be a lot clearer if (1) I had a higher-quality camera and/or (2) the limb weren't lodged in the mud on the far side of the wetland. This limb frequently serves as a perch for Green Herons (Butorides striatus), which successfully fledged a brood in the trees surrounding the wetland earlier this summer.

This wetland has been colonized by a beaver (Castor canadensis) within the last three weeks--an amazing occurrence since the natural area is embedded in densely developed suburbs. When I visit just before dusk, which is when I took this image, the beaver is usually making a v-shaped wake as it cruises across the wetland. No beaver last night, although there was a group of skittish Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa) plying the waters--a mother with four adolescents in tow.

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