Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dogwood Silhoutte / Power Lunch

We've had perfect weather here in the Mid-Atlantic for the last three days: afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s, low humidity, a breeze, and cloudless skies--San Diego weather!

On my way back from a lunch meeting today, I caught a glimpse through a "window" in a grove of evergreens of a flowering dogwood tree (Cornus florida). The dogwood was backlit and glowed green and gold with almost an inner light. My image doesn't do it justice--the scene was far more dramatic and striking--but this will have to do. I made two dozen images, and this was the best at capturing the glory of a glorious day.

I imagine that everyone's had the feeling of being a bit disembodied, floating above their body and looking down on the whole scene. That just happened to me today at lunch. A colleague invited me out to lunch to introduce me to a new acquaintance with whom I likely will interact frequently in the future. My colleague is a no-nonsense, hardnosed guy who doesn't put up with much foolishness, plus something came up at the last minute so his time for lunch was constrained. The three of us starting talking, ordered our meals very quickly, and yammered non-stop through lunch. That's when I sort of felt disembodied--I found myself talking confidently and professionally to the new guy, but all the while I felt like "who's this 'fraud' inhabiting my body?" I guess I need to develop some more self-confidence.

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