Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve (2009) Walk

After leaving work at noon on New Year's Eve, we went for a walk on the rail-to-trail at the county park downstream of my usual natural area. It had snowed an inch that morning, and it was cold, but not cold enough to freeze the soil, so I didn't want to walk the trails in my regular haunt because it's very soggy there. We came across these massive icicles in the railroad cut called "The Gorge."

Along another part of the trail, we came upon another icicle formation.

I liked the way the water almost appeared to have congealed as it flowed over the rock.

Finally, we came to Harper's Run. In addition to the image I made on New Year's Eve, I've re-posted an image I made in the autumn from the same vantage point.

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Jain said...

Love the icicles in the Gorge, and it's always neat to compare similar scenes in different seasons.