Monday, March 1, 2010

Baltimore Booty

We made our nearly annual pilgrimage to Baltimore this weekend to the American Craft Council show at the Baltimore Convention Center. This show is the largest indoor craft show in America. Attending the show is like going to a gigantic craft museum. First, there were nearly a thousand craftsmen displaying their crafts--daunting in and of itself. Second, the work is always of the highest quality (and priced accordingly, as well).

We spent 6-1/2 hours enjoying the show and were very tired by the time we left. We bought four items, three of which are shown in the image below. They were a small glass vase, a mug decorated in a Great Blue Heron motif, a folk-artsy wooden wall hanging called "Wall Birds" that will be a gift for a friend, and a shearling wool hat (not pictured) for my wife.

I commented to my wife that I wish we were rich because I'd like to redecorate our house using some of the wonderful and beautiful hand-crafted furniture and decorative items on display. The truth is, though, that we've accumulated some wonderful pieces, and now we're actually in the de-acquisitive stage of our lives and don't really need anything else.

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