Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nature in Black and White

Joe Burochow's Volcano
Kali and I drove to West Philadelphia last evening for a one-night-only show by Philadelphia graphic artist Joe Boruchow.  Boruchow produces striking and dramatic cut-paper artwork, some with natural themes and some with an ironic or humorous bent.

Boruchow's exquisite originals are small (12" x 12", or 7" x 16"), but he enlarges them to super-poster size and affixes them to the sides of buildings throughout the city.  Last night's show was hosted by an artists' cooperative space housed in an old streetcar barn and featured posters on the boarded-up windows on the outside of the building and the originals displayed for sale inside.
The place was hopping, and we had a really good evening--one of the advantages of living in a big urban area.

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