Monday, May 21, 2012

MOMIX ReMIX: Fasten Your Seatbelt!

One of my other real passions (besides the natural world) is contemporary dance.  In the past, I had often posted blog entries after I had attended a dance performance, but I stopped doing so after I received few (if any) comments; I assumed my readers were interested.
However, I'm breaking my silence for a short post here because of an unusual sensation that overcame me last Saturday evening at a performance by the company called MOMIX.  This company seamlessly integrates gymnastics, illusion and dance into their incredibly imaginative pieces, and they are among my favorite troupes--think Cirque de Soleil with dancing.
Last Saturday's performance was called MOMIX ReMIX-- a retrospective of some of the company's best choreography spanning its 24-year history.  The program was divided into two parts, separated by an intermission.  Energy in the nearly sold-out theater was high in anticipation of a great performance, and we were not disappointed by the first half.  Kali and I went into the lobby during intermission, and after 15 minutes the lights flickered to encourage the audience members to return to their seats.  

The crowd grew quiet as the house lights went down, and suddenly I was overcome by an entirely subconscious and overwhelming feeling of the need to fasten my seat belt.

They were that good.


Jain said...

I probably haven't commented on any of your dance posts before but I enjoy reading them. Personally, I'm waaaay too self-conscious to dance myself, so I guess I never learned to appreciate others doing it. It's nice to be exposed to something new. Glad you enjoyed the show!

Scott said...

Thanks for your comment, Jain. I love to dance (though I'd be too embarrassed to get on stage to do it). In August 2010, I went (alone) to a concert by the Scissor Sisters, one of my favorite dance bands. There was a huge, open floor with a stage at one end and bleachers at the other end. When I came in, I gravitated to the bleachers to rise above the crowd to see the band. However, after about three songs, I couldn't stand it any longer and I forsook the bleachers and joined the crowd. From that point in the evening, I danced my ass off and enjoyed myself like I hadn't enjoyed myself in years!

Jain said...

I have inadvertently moved in public before, but only above or below the waist and never both at the same time. :o)

Scott said...

You've got to break out of your shell, Jain! (I'm teasing...)

Jim said...

This group/troop sounds great. It's been a while since we have seen a 'live' dance performance. Must have been very energetic to affect you the way it did!

Scott said...

We were "blown away," Jim--and generally I hate that expression.