Monday, July 2, 2012

Colorado National Monument - Part 2, The Rest

The view north into Columbus Canyon from Cold Shivers Point.  The Grand Valley and the Book Cliffs are visible in the distant haze.
After we hiked the Devil's Kitchen Trail at the eastern end of Colorado National Monument (see my blog post on June 28), we drove the 23-mile Rim Rock Road from east to west along the tops of the spectacular cliffs in the park.  The park has an east-west orientation, and all of the cliffs face northward toward the Colorado River, the Grand Valley, and the Book Cliffs ten miles away to the north.  The monument's cliffs have been dissected by streams that have cut deep, dramatic canyons.  There are at least two dozen overlooks along the Rim Rock Road, and we stopped (and took photographs) at each and every one.  I'll share some of the best.
Red Canyon almost looks as if it had been carved by a glacier, but wasn't.
View northward into Ute Canyon.  There's a trail the entire length, but climbing 1,000 feet up a series of switchbacks at the southern end would be a challenge--especially in the summer.
Fallen Rock in Ute Canyon.  More properly, it ought to be named Slumped Rock.
A natural arch in the process of forming.
I'd like to see this pour-off after a summer thunderstorm!
The Coke Ovens in Monument Canyon
Formation in Monument Canyon
Independence Monument.  A group of climbers scales this rock every July 4 and places an American flag on the summit.
Guess the name of this formation; I'll bet you'll get it correct!

When Kali and I arrived back at our bed-and-breakfast after dinner, we were treated to a spectacular Western sunset that lasted for well over 20 minutes.


packrat said...

Fabulous photos, Scott. I especially like the first and last.

(On a completely different note: the Captcha letters on your blog are getting so difficult to discern it took me three times to post a comment last time.)

Scott said...

The sunset was spectacular, Packrat. I took (literally) dozens of photographs. It was hard to narrow it down to one.

I didn't know you had to translate Capchas for my blog. I'll investigate ways to stop that from being necessary. Thanks for the heads-up!