Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Winter Sunset

I haven't been able to post in quite a while--in part, because I haven't been out in the field much.  Last week, our organization bought a parcel of land for conservation, which took some of my time to complete.  And, I have been teaching a graduate class this term (in addition to my "real" job), and I've spent a lot of the last month grading.  Plus, throw Christmas into the mix...  Yesterday, though, we had temperatures in the mid-40s with high winds and clouds scudding across the sky all day.  At sunset, the heavens fairly exploded in pastels, and the grassland turned tawny gold.



I completed the final One Trail Twelve Times walk last Sunday, but I'm still in the midst of assembling the images from the walk.  Stay tuned; I'll post those images soon.


robin andrea said...

I love seeing the sky at sunset there. The beautiful muted pastel colors. So lovely.

Have you ever checked out the Cloud Appreciation Society? A very cool website devoted to clouds. Fantastic stuff from around the world.

Happy holidays to you and Kali.

packrat said...

Great photos, Scott. The happiest of holidays to you and Kali from me, Dr. K and Becca.