Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sunny Spring Sunday

A view upstream along "my" creek
Sunday, April 21 started off with frost on the grass, temperatures hovering just above freezing, and a brisk wind, but the sky was clear.  By the afternoon, temperatures had rebounded into the upper 50s, so Kali and I took a 3-mile walk in "my" preserve.  Spring ephemerals were in full bloom everywhere and walkers were in a good mood.

Sometimes we don't like to walk in "my" preserve because I can see everything that needs to be done and I get discouraged.  Also, I hate to challenge people who are flaunting the rules and walking their dogs off-lead; if the dog owners do put their dog on a lead, they take it off as soon as I have turned the corner.

A mossy rock garden with violets (Viola spp.) spring-beauties (Claytonia virginica)


robin andrea said...

Glad to see the signs of beautiful spring emerging in your preserve.

packrat said...

Those doggone dog owners, Scott, often believe the rules apply to other people's dogs, but not their own. A few years ago Dripping Springs Natural Area (at the base of the Organ Mountains) banned dogs because so many people weren't obeying the rules.