Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Frosty November Morn

I awoke on Saturday morning (November 9) to beautifully frosted native grasslands adjacent to my house.  I did my best to capture the crispness before the rapidly rising sun dispelled the magic.

Weedy, non-native foxtail (Setaria spp.) in front of tawny Indian-grass (Sorghastrum nutans)
Rimed thistle rosette and oak leaf


packrat said...

That first image is outstanding, Scott. Nice work!

Over the past few years we've had quite an invasion of foxtails, especially up in High Rolls. As you probably know foxtails are extremely hazardous to dogs, getting into their ears, even working their way into skin through the fur. We've really worked hard to eradicate them from our mountain property.

Mark P said...

Frost can really make things magic. The first picture is really inviting. It makes me want to go for a walk.

Scott said...

Packrat: I didn't know there was a problem with dog's ears and foxtail grasses; thanks for letting me know! The grass is an annual and a prolific seeder, so I applaud your efforts because I know how hard it is to get the stuff under control.

Scott said...

Mark: I was partial to the last image myself, but it was the scene depicted in the first image that drew me to the fields in the first place. Thank you!