Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bad Timing

My staff and I spotted the "first" groundhog of the year today.  The groundhog's right on schedule for leaving its winter burrow, but the weather is hardly cooperating.  We had temperatures in the upper 30s F this afternoon (the high temperature "should" be in the mid-40s), but it's been so cold for so long that the ground is frozen solid to a depth of at least six inches, and there is absolutely nothing green for the poor groundhog to eat.  And, we're not going to get above freezing for at least another two days, so there's not much green on this poor woodchuck's horizon.  Maybe it'll find some of the birdseed we distribute so liberally.


robin andrea said...

Sure hope this cute little woodchuck finds something to eat, and the long crazy winter there makes a quick exit.

Scott said...

Robin Andrea, I couldn't agree with you more--on all counts!