Monday, January 24, 2011

Movement Weekend

Great dance weekend.  Saturday night, a new contemporary dance company, Keigwin + Company, was in town performing their Elements cycle of dances related to water, fire, earth and wind.  Larry Keigwin choreographed 15 pieces with new moves, imaginative costuming, interesting music, and lots of humor and O'Henry-esque surprises.  The dancers gave it their all, and the audience (and I) clearly appreciated their efforts.  You know a company's done a great job if you leave the theater energized and motivated to move more and get into better shape yourself.

Brian Sanders / "Urban Scuba"
Then, Sunday afternoon, it was back downtown for a matinee of contemporary dance and physical theater created by Philadelphian Brian Sanders in his 18-3/4 Anniversary Season of JUNK.  Sander's company uses found objects -  ladders, bicycles, and trash cans -  as well as carefully fabricated objects incorporated into dances and movement pieces.  JUNK was a retrospective of 18 pieces gleaned from Sanders' 18-3/4 years of producing dance, and nearly all were spectacular.  The dancers were in perfect physical condition and incredibly strong: I'm heading to the gym!
"Urban Scuba"

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