Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow on Terwood Run

A professional photographer friend of mine, Mark Schmerling, shared these images of Terwood Run, a small tributary to "my" creek, taken just after the latest snow fell on January 27, 2011.  Mark specializes in taking pictures of rocky streams from a water-level perspective.
I developed Reynaud's syndrome in my right index finger this morning.  The last time this happened, Kali (and I) freaked out and got me to the doctor's office as quickly as we could.  It is disconcerting - my finger turned purple and got cold and stiff -  I was sure gangrene was imminent!  The doctor calmly diagnosed the problem and told me to keep my finger warm by immersing it in warm water.  Sure enough, the symptoms disappeared.  I'm repeating the treatment today by wrapping my fingers around generous mugs of hot cocoa.


Ray's Cowboy said...

I have to say I love it. I wished I was there to enoy it in person.

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Scott said...

Ray, you love it because it's unusual and a treat. Try it for months on end - sort'a like the summers in Dallas! I have to agree with you that it can be pretty, though.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I would happily live with a year of snow to avoid one ice storm, especially the one I am to get later today.

Carolyn H.

Scott said...

Carolyn, I have to agree with you completely: ice is the worst. A few years ago, we had an ice storm every Friday for five consecutive weeks. Some of the roads had a foot of ice on them before the whole mess melted away. Good luck; I hope you don't lose power.

AnEyeForTexas said...

I just discovered blogs, and yours in particular. Awesome. If you're interested in more about the Chihuahuan Desert, see me at


Scott said...

Gary: Thanks for stopping by my site and for alerting me to your site. I'll check it frequently (I don't know if it's possible to "follow" your site). It's nice to "get in on the ground with you" as you begin blogging.

My wife and I have visited New Mexico five times, and we're pretty sure we want to retire there, most likely in the southern half (the Chihuahuan desert half) of the state. I'm an ecologist and my wife is a university teacher/administrator. We both love to hike.

I'll be sure to stay tuned with you - if for nothing else but to enjoy your beautiful images!

Gail said...


great pictures. and sorry about your finger - keep it warm indeed. Cocoa works or hot brandy :-)

love you