Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fabric of Nature

Return of the Grackle by Diane Rusin Doran
Kali and I attended the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVIII show over the weekend.  I made images of some of the best of the nature-themed quilts.  As Kali said, "If these pieces were made by men, they'd be hanging in museums."  Return of the Grackle, above, may have been my favorite.  

In some cases, I jotted down a note about the quilter and the title of the work.  If I did so, I have added the information to the caption.  Otherwise, you'll have to use your imagination.
Autumn Leaves by Israeli artist Eti David

Alberta Rockies #2 by Patti Morris 
(Winner: First Place in World Quilt Competition XV, Innovative Category)

Earthquake Faults by Marcia DeCamp

Detail from Celtic Cranes by Leslie Davis
(Winner: Best Use of Color in the Traditional Category, World Quilt Competition XV)
The one above is for Grizz.

On Summit Trail by Deb Brockway
And, last but not least, this one's for Desert Packrat, because it reminded me of a picture he took recently during a hike on the Switchback Trail in the Sacramento Mountains.


Carolyn H said...

Wow! Such gorgeous work. I can't even pick a favorite (maybe the last one). They are all fantastic

Scott said...

Carolyn, the quilts truly are works of art!

Jain said...

Kali's right.

These are stunning.

I especially love the waterfall - such movement. And I'm always a sucker for tree silhouettes. Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...

Jain, I'm a sucker for rushing streams, too, (Kali says it was no mistake that I was trained as an aquatic entomologist; it was bred in the bone) but I still have to cast my favorite vote for "Return of the Grackle." My photograph may not do it justice, but it really was unusual and stunning.

packrat said...

These quilts are indeed works of art, Scott, and I especially like the last because it IS reminiscent of the Switchback Trail in the Sacramentos. Also, I love the reflective image on your blog's homepage. Photo? Oil painting? Very beautiful and entertaining post, Scott.

Scott said...

Packrat, I'm glad that I wasn't dreaming about the similarities between the last quilt and your image from the Switchback Trail. And, the header image on my blog is a photograph--a reflection of autumn woods on the surface of the creek running through my preserve.