Friday, September 30, 2011


It's still too early in autumn to grade the season's foliage display, but this flowering dogwood is already in fine form.  Dogwoods are always the first trees to "color up" here in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont.

The dogwoods are heavily laden with drupes this year, which will be a boon for the migratory birds that fatten up on the lipid-rich fruit.

The first Northern Harrier appeared over our grasslands earlier this week.  At least one harrier usually overwinters here, but the early arriver may move on, to be replaced by another bird as the season progresses.


Jain said...

Beautiful picture! I got lost in it for a minute.

Color seems to be early here, and so far, brighter than usual. I can't wait for my first Harrier sighting!

Scott said...

Thanks, Jain. I posted an image of the same tree about this time last year, but I like this image better than last year's.