Monday, March 23, 2015

Courting the Press

Reporter Matt photographing picturesque rapids on my creek
As a non-profit organization, we need as much publicity as possible.  So, when a reporter called and told me that he wanted to do a feature on our organization for a news weekly, I jumped at the opportunity.  The reporter came to my office and we talked for about a half-hour, then we went for a walk through the preserve.  I've hardly been out on the grounds during the last two months.
Partial ice-out on the marsh
Historic stone-arch bridge (1817) under repair since November 19, 2014
My creek, upstream of the historic bridge
This strikingly shadowed American beech caught my attention
Reporter Matt capturing images for his news piece
My creek at its most dramatic
The reach of the creek locally known as "The Falls"
These images were taken during our walk on Wednesday afternoon, March 18.  On Friday, March 20, we got four inches of heavy, wet snow.


Carolyn H said...

Nice, Scott! Is the story out yet?

robin andrea said...

Nice to see how things looked there before the latest snow. Very cool that a reporter wanted to do a piece. I hope you'll link to it when it's published.

packrat said...

Give us a heads-up when the article comes out, Scott; it will be interesting to get Matt's perspective on the preserve.

Scott said...

Carolyn, Robin Andrea, and Packrat. I'll see what I can do about posting a link to Matt's story when it is published (supposedly Wednesday, March 25). Incidentally, I asked reporter Matt (who was pretty young) about his educational background. He told me that he earned a BA in English from Penn State University. I quipped, "Oh, so there is life after earning an English degree!" and he said (very seriously), "Oh, yeah, I had quite a few opportunities after I graduated." (He didn't elaborate, though.)

Mark P said...

I hope the reporter does a good job on the story and the photos. A reporter that young can sometimes be kind of ignorant about a lot of things. I know I was.

I wonder what kind of opportunities he had as an English major. These days you can't even teach English with just an English degree, except at private schools, I guess.

Scott said...

Mark: The reporter did a really good job; his article appeared in the paper today, and I couldn't find a single thing incorrect in his piece--which is very unusual for a newspaper reporter.