Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snow Scenes - The World Flocced

The morning after
Our area of the northern Piedmont received eight inches (20 cm) of snow on Thursday, March 5.  This came on the heels of a rainy day; in fact, overnight the rain changed to sleet, then to snow, and the snow fell heavily all day long on Thursday.  The birds were desperate; I couldn't keep an area clear long enough for them to take advantage of the birdseed I scattered on the ground, but many found the trove that I secreted under a picnic table - relatively snow free.

After the snow stopped, the temperature overnight Thursday plunged.  It was 2 degrees F when I awoke on Friday morning.  But Friday dawned clear, sunny and blue, the temperature recovered to the mid-20s, and the melting began where the sun could reach dark surfaces.

Dogwood Meadow at the height of the snowfall
Snowy filigree on the magnolia tree next to the house
The deer fencing surrounding my garden
Temperatures this coming week are forecast to approach normal, which means 50 degrees F during the day and 31 degrees F at night.  If that happens, it will be a welcome relief from a winter that just doesn't want to let go.


robin andrea said...

I sure hope this is the end of the very long, cold, snowy winter there. It's picturesque and pretty, but enough is enough!

packrat said...

Beautiful photos, Scott, but Brrrr. You're a good man for worrying about those birds; they're lucky to have you. Here's keeping our fingers crossed that you folks get the much-needed warmup you want.

Mark P said...

It's sure pretty. I like getting the rare snow, but I like having it melt after a couple of days, too. We will probably get a few more really cold nights, and it's possible we could even get more snow or an ice storm, but I think winter is pretty much over for us.

Scott said...

Mark, Packrat, and Robin Andrea: We may have turned the corner on winter. It was near 40 degrees F on Saturday, and near 50 on Sunday. Today, we're going to reach the mid-50s--actually ABOVE normal for once. The snow is melting astonishingly quickly in the sun, and the creeks are running high (but not flooding--yet)!