Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monochrome Sky with Winter Trees

When I stepped out of my office last evening on the way home, the sky was really dramatic - overcast, but with a lot of texture in the clouds.  The fading evening light shone through a translucent gauze in places, while other parts of the sky were obscured behind thick clouds. I exclaimed to Kali, "Isn't the sky wonderful right now?  I've got to take some pictures!" to which she replied, "It just looks cold."  (It wasn't cold; we had a record high of near 70 degrees F yesterday.)
I ran to the house and managed to get some shots.  I think the effect was better a minute earlier, but I didn't have my camera with me then, so these will have to do.
I took the last image, below, up into the canopy of the huge, 250-year-old sycamore tree growing directly behind our house.  I think that the camera rendered the sky almost indigo, but it simply was very dim just before all the light went out of the day.


robin andrea said...

The sky does look dramatic. Glad you went out and took photos. It's really challenging to get a photo to look like what I ours perceived in the moment. And, the moment passes very quickly.

Scott said...

Robin Andrea: The moment sure does pass very quickly, especially at dusk and dawn.

Mark P said...

Deep blue skies are nice, but I really like the cloudy skies and bare limbs, too.