Friday, October 14, 2016

Just Shed

Kali and I took a walk in my preserve on Wednesday evening after she got home from work.  As we walked along the trail that parallels the creek running through the preserve, I noticed a long snake skin on the ground.

The owner must have shed the skin very recently because it was still soft and supple.

I decided to bring it back to our Visitor Center to put it on display.  However, it drew a lot of attention from other folks walking the trail that evening  I was glad to be an ambassador for the natural world and for our organization.  Maybe I should walk around with it draped around my neck all the time--sorta' like the puppies guys are advised to use to attract the attention of women.
By the way, the owner more than likely was a Northern Water Snake (Neroida sipedon sipedon), which are very common in the preserve.  When I stretched it out to its full length, the skin measured 3' 11".     


robin andrea said...

Yes! I think you should wear it draped around you neck. Not so much to attract the attention of women, but to attract the attention of humans interested in the natural world. That's such a cool find!

Scott said...

Robin Andre: Kali and I both agree that it WAS cool! One of the people we passed on our walk was a young Hispanic man (not a typical visitor from my lily-white neighborhood) on a bicycle sitting alongside my creek "meditating" (his word). He was very friendly and interested in the snakeskin. He said his son would really appreciate the skin.